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            2016 China New Coal Chemical Industry Frontier Technology and Equipment Conference

            Release time:2020-09-25

            2016 is the first year of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Modern coal chemical industry has made important progress in the development of new technologies, breakthroughs in core equipment, industrial planning and layout, construction and operation of demonstration projects, and has made positive contributions to the implementation of energy substitution and the protection of national energy security. In order to better demonstrate the achievements of the modern coal chemical industry demonstration project, promote the innovation exchange and upgrade demonstration of my country's coal chemical industry, accelerate the application of new technologies and equipment in the coal chemical industry, and explore the development strategy and innovation direction of the coal chemical industry under the new situation , Actively guide the scientific, healthy and orderly development of coal chemical industry. After research, our unit is scheduled to hold the "2016 China New Coal Chemical Frontier Technology and Equipment Conference" in Shenzhen from December 28 to 30, 2016. At that time, leaders and experts of relevant departments will be invited to give speeches and conduct academic exchanges and discussions on special topics.      Coal-related concept stocks:    Xishan Coal and Electricity: Since the beginning of this year, with the sharp rebound of coking bulk products, the prices of some products have even hit record highs, causing some coking companies to restore production capacity or expand production, bringing variables to the road to coking capacity reduction. Shanghai Energy: The company is mainly engaged in coal mining, washing and processing, coal sales, railway transportation, mining, washing equipment, transportation equipment, etc. It is the only domestic enterprise that adopts coal production and transportation joint ventures, and its products have obvious geographical advantages and Quality advantage.    China Shenhua: The company's main coal mining; coal business, the major shareholder Shenhua Group is one of the 53 important state-owned backbone enterprises directly managed by the central government. It is the largest and most modernized coal enterprise in my country and the largest coal distributor in the world.   Pingzhuang Energy: The company has transformed into a coal mining and sales company through asset replacement. The assets placed are mainly part of the coal assets of the Pingzhuang Coal Industry Group, including the operational assets of the Fengshuigou Mine, the West Open-pit Mine, the Liujia Mine and the Gushan Mine, the construction of the Lao Gongying sub-mine, and the sales company of the Pingmei Group , Supply companies and other operating assets.

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